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The Office of Sheriff has been in existence since 1066.  Originally appointed by the King, the "SHIRE REEVE" writs and was Sheriff John R. Swaneygenerally responsible for the capture of  wrong-doers in their respective Shires.  The office evolved and eventually the title was shortened to "Sheriff".  The office was soon adopted by colonial governments.  As the colonies broke from English rule, Sheriffs became elected officials chosen by the people.  Although the Sheriff served as the chief law enforcement officer in the county, the sheriff's primary responsibility was to serve as an officer of the court.

The Ohio Revised Code adopted the traditional duties of the Sheriff.  Each of Ohio's eighty-eight Sheriffs serves as officers of the court and keepers of the jail.  

The Sheriff is charged with the responsibility of maintaining the public peace and protecting the lives and property of all citizens in Madison County, Ohio. His obligations and responsibilities have continuously grown throughout the years.

Sheriff's Office main entrance on Oak Street

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Sheriff's old residence now used as office space on High Street

The duties of the Sheriff have increased as administrative procedures, court decisions, and requirements of the laws have brought about sophisticated and technical advancements to law enforcement. The Madison County Sheriff's Office is comprised of five basic divisions which perform the varied duties required by Ohio law and the criminal justice system. These divisions are:

Community Resource
Court Services
Law Enforcement

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