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Lieutenant Teena Gallagher has served the Madison County Community for over 36 years. Presently she is the Department Chaplain.  Lt. Gallagher has held the roles of “Community Resource Division” supervisor, Registered Nurse, Certified School Resource Officer, Coordinator of the D.A.R.E. Program, Gang Specialist, Third Grade Seatbelt program, and other Crime Prevention programs.

Lt. Gallagher is also a member of the International Conference of Police with a “Master” ranking. Lt Gallagher has an associate degree in Registered Nursing, a Bachelor of Special Studies in Health and Psychology, a Masters Degree in Administration and Pastoral Care. She has a Doctoral Degree in Theology and Counseling. In her spare time she enjoys reading, traveling, hiking, camping, and kayaking.

Personal message:  “Attitude. We become what we give ourselves the power to be.”


Deputy Roberta Braithwaite has served Madison County for the past 9 years. Presently she is assigned to the Community Resource Division. Her roles include Elementary and Middle School D.A.R.E. She is also certified as a School Resource Officer (SRO). She became a certified D.A.R.E. Officer in April of 2008. In her spare time, Deputy Braithwaite loves hanging out with her family, taking trips and playing sports.     


Curriculum And Information

Our local community: Madison County began the D.A.R.E. program in the summer of 1989, through the Madison County Sheriff’s Office, the London City Schools, Madison Plains Local Schools, West Jefferson Local Schools, Jonathan Alder Schools, St. Patrick Catholic School and Madison Christian School. Presently the program is commanded by Lt. Teena Gallagher and assisted by Deputy Roberta Braithwaite. Also D.A.R.E. Middle School is offered in all area schools. We have taught High School in the past at London High School.

Since the onset, the Sheriff’s Office has included a second, third and fourth grade mini visit. Our officers feel this information on safety issues is extremely important at this level.


Madison County Sheriff's Office
Crime Prevention Programs

The Madison County crime prevention unit is also a member of the "Ohio Crime Prevention Association". Both organizations believe that crime prevention is a pattern of attitudes and behaviors directed both at reducing the threat of crime and enhancing the sense of safety and security, which positively influences the quality of life in society and helps develop environments where crime cannot flourish. For this to be possible it means having a working partnership with concerned citizens to address ways to prevent crime, violence and drug abuse.

The Madison County Sheriff's Office offers a variety of programs geared towards the above philosophy. Please call and schedule at least one month in advance. You may schedule any business day at (740) 845-1813 or (740) 845-1808

  • Internet Safety

  • Crime Check, Advance Fee Schemes

  • Crime Check, Responding To Rape

  • Sexual Assault Awareness

  • Crime Check, Fraud & Scams Against Seniors

  • Mcgruff On Halloween

  • Mcgruff On Crime Prevention, It's Elementary

  • Mcgruff On Personal Property

  • Seat Belt Safety

  • Bicycle Safety & Self Protection And Personal Property

  • The Latchkey Child

  • Learning To Use The Phone

  • Learning Door Answering Rules

  • Common Sense Personal Safety Rules

  • Child Abuse & Touching Problems

  • Pedestrian Rules And Responsibility

  • Gangs And Youth

  • Property Crime & Vandalism

  • Substance Abuse

  • Fatal Vision

  • Roller Blade Safety

  • Updates on Current Drug Trends

  • Helping Communities Respond to Treatment & OTC Abase 

These are the present programs available, but if allowed time for research any additional program could be done if time permits.


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