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The Communications and Patrol Operations Center is the heartbeat of the county. The main objective of our 24 hour a day 7 days a week operation is to serve and protect the citizens of Madison County.

At the Madison County Sheriffs Communications and Patrol Operations Center Communications Specialists have many responsibilities. Aside from dispatching for the deputies on the road, we also dispatch for five fire departments and three different squads. We receive all  incoming calls including administrative calls on six different phone lines, and emergency calls on three 911 lines. In the month of November 2003 our office answered 547 911 calls.

Other duties include entering warrants, missing persons, stolen vehicles and other stolen items into our law enforcement automated data system (leads). This is a statewide computer system that also links to a national system.

We are also a bonding station for the Madison County Municipal Court after 4 PM Monday thru Friday and on weekends when the court is closed. You can pay traffic tickets and post bonds here after court hours.



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